Personal Insurance

The experienced professionals of Brown & Brown Homestead offer solutions for all of your personal insurance needs. We believe in understanding your insurance needs to create a tailored solution for you.

Personal Auto Insurance

Having the right auto insurance coverage helps to protect you, your passengers, and other drivers while providing financial peace of mind. We offer a wide array of vehicle insurance plans including comprehensive collision, property, and liability.

Homeowners’ Insurance

Choosing the right homeowners insurance plan helps ensure your property will always be protected should damage or a loss occur. Aside from providing peace of mind, having a homeowners insurance plan also provides liability coverage protection.

Private Client Group

We understand that insurance is not the same for everyone. When it comes to having the right insurance coverage, knowledge about you, your family, and your needs allows our team to craft a comprehensive program designed to safeguard what you value most.

Watercraft Insurance

We provide safe harbor for boats large and small. Whether you own a runabout, sailboat, yacht, or mega-yacht with a full-time captain and crew, we offer some of the most seaworthy coverages and services available.

Aviation Insurance

The aviation insurance market is specialized and unique. We have the knowledge to help you navigate the often complex and changing environment of the aviation space.

Flood Insurance

Flooding is our nation’s most common natural disaster, and many people don’t know that flooding is not covered in a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Umbrella Insurance

The rewards of your hard work may not have come easily, but they can be lost in a flash. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage, designed to kick in when standard liability protection on underlying policies has been exhausted. Umbrella coverage offers you extra protection from major claims and lawsuits to help safeguard your future.

Valuable Articles Insurance

Standard homeowner, condominium, or renter’s policies have a limited amount of coverage set aside for your valuables. Whether you are a collector of fine art, antiques, jewelry, or something unique, our insurance professionals can help guide you to a policy to properly protect what is most important to you.

We are ready to help

The insurance industry is constantly changing. From large multinational organizations to small businesses, Brown & Brown Homestead develops comprehensive insurance solutions to fit your needs.